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The Magic Of Marrying One Wife

Over the years, the evolution of people, places and animals have taken place. All these have actually fascinated me. However, there is one type of evolution that still mesmerizes me. The evolution of relationships. During our great grandparents era, relationships were all about romance, love, and affection. Sex was meant to take place at the right time, that is, after marriage. Dates were formal and romantic whereby couples could go on romantic getaways. Nowadays, things have changed. I guess we could say relationships have evolved for the worst.

Most of my boys are not married yet. Why so? They believe that sticking with one woman is boring. To them, it is like being enslaved. I don’t blame them for in the present age, women also play more games than men. Actually, if I were to say it in layman’s language, I’d say people play their spouses like Lil Wayne’s playlist. We get it, sticking with one person can at times be boring but there is a certain feeling of happiness and belonging that comes with it. Don’t believe me? Let me let you in on some of these things.

With one person, you are guaranteed that if anything wrong or tragic happens, there will be someone by your side. Someone to help you get through it, empower you and assure you that things will be fine. Nowadays, friends, relatives, and even colleagues turn their backs on you when you are going through hard times. But when you have a spouse who is a friend, lover, and confider, you have someone to hold you down and pull you back up when times get rough.

A specific fiancée is similar to a sure bet in gambling. You are always certain that if you need this person to do something for you, she will do it. If I need someone to lend me money when am broke, I have my girl to do that. Sure, many will think am a sissy but my problem will have been solved. When having a hard time making a decision, I have my spouse to talk to for us to brainstorm and get the best solution.

Finally, all men need satisfaction. Many make the mistake of thinking that sleeping with different women is respectable. Actually, it is the total opposite of that. See, having one woman to please and satisfy you is the real deal. Reason being, she does all the things you want in bed without having to direct her. And the both of you also have a deep connection that sweetens the intimacy. With all that, you still believe that having one lady is not fun?