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How I made my choice among the top rated strollers

How I made my choice among the top rated strollers

When it comes to purchasing or choosing the best stroller for your baby, many parents get caught up in the confusion of which stroller is better than the other. This mostly comes about as a result of the jargon that exists in the world of top rated strollers. My wife, Catie, and I were not spared from this confusion. We found ourselves in a serious dilemma which in time we came to find a solution to though I’d say that it was after thorough research of searching for the best stroller for our 10-month old baby.

First and foremost, there are general features that you need to pay attention to. For instance, the canopy. In some strollers, you will find that the canopy provides a lot of shade since it goes all the way to the back. When you need to check on the baby, you need to pull the canopy back just a little so that you can manage to see the toddler. You also need to check on the strollers’ basket. The importance of this basket is that when running errands or going for a walk in the park, it helps hold some of the stuff that you have carried with you. These can either be bags, water bottles, blankets or even a picnic basket.

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Another important thing is the recline feature of a stroller. At times, your baby will require to take a nap. In such a case, when purchasing a top rated umbrella stroller, you need to focus on your baby’s comfort when he or she is sleeping. Hence, you need to look for a stroller that goes all the way down and how easily it does so. Also, if you are a person who does not mind feeding the baby in public, you need to consider the grab bar that is in the front, or rather, the snack tray. This comes in handy when you want to attach toys for the baby or when you want to feed your toddler. However, not all strollers have this feature because it affects the stroller’s fold and some people opt to go for a stroller that will fold up nice and tight.

After deciding which features you need, you then need to concentrate on the different types of strollers and their distinctive features. First, there is the umbrella stroller. This one is light in weight and smaller in size when compared to a full-sized stroller. It is easily portable since when you fold it, it tends to take an umbrella’s size by folding down really small making it very easy to carry. One can pick it up easily since it is light in weight. However, it has two limitations; when going down a street, it tends to be a little bouncy which may make a baby uncomfortable and also, it is mostly limited to older kids instead of young infants.

Second, a full-sized stroller which in other words can be called a single stroller. The name full-sized stroller was mainly generated so as to create a distinction between an umbrella stroller and a full-sized stroller. Most people, however, like to refer to it as the normal stroller. It only has room for one child but it is very big. Unlike the umbrella stroller, it smoothly runs down the street without bouncing, thus a baby is always comfortable.

Another type of stroller is the jogging stroller. It has three wheels whose tires are filled with air so that it can easily roll down the street. Many people like to refer to it as the 3-wheeled stroller. Its front wheel locks straight into place so as to enable you to go at a higher speed. At the back, it has a safety strap that enables you to keep a hold of it especially if you are fast.

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Finally, as mentioned earlier, the full-sized stroller is also called the single stroller meaning that a double stroller also exists. The double stroller has room for two children whereby they can be seated front to back or even side by side. This stroller is mostly preferred by parents who have twins or whose toddlers have a gap of months or even one or two years. It lessens the stress of looking for a second party to push the second stroller for you and it does not require a lot of effort.

With all these in mind, there is one last thing that is very important and should be put into serious consideration. The travel system. This refers to purchasing the stroller and car seat together. It is cheaper to buy them both all together since it saves you money. Roughly, about $100 as compared to when you separately buy the car seat and stroller. The greatest advantage of the travel system is that when a baby falls asleep on the car seat, you can just strap them onto the stroller without having to go through a lot of trouble. This is very advantageous for parents with kids who nap a lot. As time passes by and the baby gets older, you can just opt to use the stroller and leave the car seat behind.

After finding out all these, Catie and I were able to settle for the full-sized stroller since it is pretty big and it is easy for it to roll down the street. More so, we only have one kid and it accommodates one kid. However, we were forced to go for one that has a snack tray so that Catie can easily manage to feed the baby when go for an occasion or during one of our family fun days. Choosing a stroller is as easy as saying your ABC’s, the only challenge comes in when you want to choose the best for your kid.

With the above tips in mind, I believe you can now easily choose the stroller that you find best without someone misguiding you. If you still have a hard time selecting, just remember that I am a father who barely knew a thing about top rated strollers but ended up helping my wife select the best one for our baby. So, how hard could it be?